Customer Spotlight: Melissa Cunningham



For Melissa Cunningham, time is at a premium. The mother of two also has a day job as an Oncology Data Specialist at Vassar Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., but she still finds the time to get to Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa once a week. And if her busy schedule wasn’t enough, it’s a 45 minute drive, each way, for the trip.

She found the salon back in January 2008, after hearing Gloria on the radio. She decided to give it a try, and has never looked back. Today, Cunningham gets the Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System about every 8 weeks, with a wash and occasional deep conditioner in the weeks between treatments. “I always get compliments on how beautiful my hair is,” she said. “I’m always putting her name out there when people ask me who does my hair.”

The salon, she noted, is just a welcoming, friendly place where she always feels at home. And it doesn’t matter if she’s the only customer or if there are several other people waiting — Cunningham noted that Gloria’s customers are all as friendly and polite as Gloria herself. “Her salon is very clean, and it’s just a very inviting business,” she said. “Gloria is very friendly and outgoing and really makes you feel at home. You will always have a wonderful time when you go in.”

For Cunningham, the service, friendly atmosphere and having someone she trusts, who knows about hair, is all worth the time and the drive. “If someone is looking for a place with a person who really knows about hair and will really help their hair, they should take the travel time,” she said. “I would prefer someone working on my hair who knows about it, than someone who doesn’t; Gloria is just very knowledgeable and is constantly keeping abreast of new things coming out.”

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner

Staff Spotlight: Leslie Reel


Leslie Reel

This month, we wanted to introduce you to a member of our valued team: Leslie Reel, Licensed Massage Therapist. She spends a few days a month in the treatment room here at Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa, and has a very loyal clientele who go out of their way to ensure they are on her schedule when she’s here.

She offers a wide range of treatments, including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and trigger point therapy, as well as other modalities such as hot stone massage, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage. For Reel, it is all part of whole-body wellness – massage, she noted, isn’t just something to treat yourself on a vacation or for your birthday. It is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body, and keeping it balanced between mind, spirit and body.

But she wasn’t always a massage therapist. Reel spent more than 19 years as a probation officer, and felt like the stress and demands of the job were beginning to wear her down. Several friends had gone back to school to get degrees and, inspired by them, she took the plunge as well. She looked into a variety of possible career change choices, and ultimately felt like massage was what she wanted to do. She enrolled in the Swedish Institute here in New York, and the rest is history. She has been doing massage full-time for about six years now, and takes pride in the fact that she continues to take classes and opportunities to learn new techniques she can bring back to her clients.

“Gloria and I have very good relationship,” she said. “Both professionally and personally- we’ve known each other for years. We work very well together and complement each other really well, and she has great clients who are very loyal. The salon is a fun and exciting place to work.”

In addition to providing massage services to clients in Gloria’s Salon, Reel also offers services such as spa parties both in private residences and at the salon; chair massage at corporate events and private consultations, to name a few.

“People need to get educated about the benefits of massage,” Reel said. “There are so many benefits. There are so many stresses people are dealing with day-to-day, and massage is a wonderful way to reduce that. People are also working at computers every day, and have so many pains and aches, and they want to pick up medication to deal with them; massage therapy has so many benefits such as pain relief, strengthening the immune system and improving posture. People need to realize that – it’s not just something to do on vacation, it’s something they should invest in on a regular basis for whole body wellness.”

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner

We’re Not Keeping it Seacret



This month, we want to highlight one of our favorite products here in the salon – the Seacret Mud Soap. This is a fantastic product that is enriched with Black Mud from the Dead Sea, and is an excellent product for all skin types, but especially those who suffer from acne, psoriasis or eczema. It is also amazing for cracked, stressed or sensitive skin.

One of the things I love about the soap is that it doesn’t have any chemicals at all. In addition to the mud, it has palm oil, Dead Sea minerals and witch hazel. The combination of these ingredients is powerful – we have quite a few people who come to the salon for the sole purpose of purchasing this soap. Anyone using it will see a huge difference is a pretty short period of time.

We carry several products from the Seacret line, and all of them are worth taking a closer look at. I encourage everyone to come in and check out this soap if you have any skin problems at all, no matter what your age – we have everyone from teenagers to adults using the soap with great results.

If you want to know more about Seacret’s products and why they are so incredibly, you can also check out this video where the company explains it all:

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner

What Multi-Cultural Means to Our Salon



We pride ourselves on being a multi-cultural, ethnic salon, and I want to share what that means to me and my staff. All hair is not created equal. Every race, every ethnic category, from every region of the world, has its own hair textures, styles and challenges. And finding a salon that not only knows exactly how to handle every single one of those challenges but has built a business around it, is not an easy task.

When I first started this salon 14 years ago, it was because I saw a need. Every salon in the area catered to one type of hair, and everyone else was just left to fumble along and try to find someone who could make it work, or to do it themselves at home. I didn’t believe then that was a good option, and I still don’t believe it is today.

There is no hair we can’t handle. This is especially true, I’ve found, for blended families. This can mean families with inter-racial children, or families who have adopted children of another race. Often, those families don’t know how to handle the sometimes very different hair needs of these children. I’ve had children come in the door where we were their last hope. Their self-confidence was low, and their families were frustrated that they couldn’t get it right. We changed that.

I don’t just want to give you a quick service, and then send you on your way. With these families, we take the time to teach them, to show them what works and what doesn’t, and give them skills they can take home. We are also available to these families any time they need us — I have taken more calls than I can count from families trying to get something right at home, and just not getting it, and I’m always happy to walk them through the process, and teach them what they need to know. I watch the children gain confidence and walk with their heads held high, and I watch the families gain satisfaction from being able to meet the needs of their children in every way, and know this is one less thing they need to worry about in their lives.

Stories like these are why we do it. Because everyone who walks in has a tale of a bad service, or a salon that did more harm than good. Stories of walking out feeling worse about themselves than they did when they walked in. And Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa is on a mission to change that. We don’t care what challenges you have faced in the past; bring them to us, and we will help you overcome them and feel beautiful, every time.

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner

Customer Spotlight: Gwen Arocho

Gwen Arocho - Front

Gwen Arocho – Front

Gwen Arocho - Back

Gwen Arocho – Back

Gwen Arocho has been a client of Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa for more than a decade. Even though she worked in New York City — and still does — she saw an ad for Gloria’s in the paper, and decided to give her a try. And she has never regretted the decision.

“I gave it a shot, met [Gloria] and she seemed pleasant,” Arocho said. “I made an appointment, and I just loved her. Even today, I rarely have to wait, I always love the results and customer service is always great. This shop and Gloria’s personality is the best!”

Arocho recently switched to using the new Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System, instead of the chemical treatment she had been getting for years, and goes to Gloria’s every two weeks to get that, along with either a wash-and-set or a blow dry with the flat iron. She has been using the new treatment for a year now, and absolutely loves it. She hasn’t, she admits, taken advantage of any of the other services Gloria’s offers.

“I just never took advantage of anything else,” she said. “Gloria gave me a 15 massage once, and I did enjoy that, but I’m always rushing to go somewhere else, always under the gun. I should start treating myself.”

At the end of the day, the biggest test of a business is whether someone would recommend it to a friend or family member — a test Gloria’s passed with flying colors. Arocho has been bringing her own daughter to the salon since she was around 10 years old, and has recommended Gloria’s to her friends and neighbors. She cites the low wait times, the amazing work ethic of Gloria and her team, and a guarantee of a great result every time as her top reasons for everyone to consider giving Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa a chance.

“It will be a win-win or everyone,” she said. “You won’t walk out unsatisfied. If you give her a try, you’ll walk out satisfied with any service you may get – massage, facial or hair. You will definitely enjoy whatever services you’re looking for, and you will be very happy with the outcome.”

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner

Welcome to Customer Appreciation Day 2014!



I’m not entirely sure where the time has gone, but when I realized it had been three years since the last time we hosted a customer appreciation day, I knew I had to fix the situation! We appreciate every single client who walks through our door, and we want you — and anyone else who might be considering giving us a try — to know that we welcome your business and we want to make you feel right at home.

Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa Customer Appreciation Day will be held on August 23, at our salon in Warwick, N.Y. It will be held from noon to 4pm, and this is an event you won’t want to miss.

We’ll have all of our staff on hand to answer any questions you might have, and we’ll be offering complimentary oil scrubs or hot wax treatments for hands, massages and as well as consultations for any of our other services, including massages, facials, hair treatments and more.

Another exciting reason to attend is that we will have a fantastic giveaway! Everyone who comes will be entered for the chance to win a gift certificate for a half-hour mini massage, a half hour facial and a wash and blow of your hair. We will also be offering a 10% discount off any service you book while at Customer Appreciation Day for a future date.

We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us — we are a family, and we want you to feel like you’re coming home, every time you walk through our doors. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a hair treatment, a facial or a massage, what type of hair you have or what your ethnic hair challenges might be — every time you come to our salon, you will be treated with respect, welcome and will walk away feeling satisfied with the entire experience. That is our pledge to you, and Customer Appreciation Day is our way of saying “thank you” for putting your faith and trust in us to meet — and exceed — your expectations.

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner

A Chemical-Free Path to Stronger Hair



One of the newest services Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa has added is our Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System. Unlike many similar systems out there, this one doesn’t use any chemicals – it is protein-based, meaning it doesn’t break or rearrange the bonds of the hair. In fact, each fiber of hair is coated with a micro-fine amino acid which stretches the strand and adds additional strength to the hair.

The lack of chemicals in this treatment is the reason we tested it and decided to make it available to our clients. Chemicals, over the long term, can permanently damage hair, but this actually does the opposite. The Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System contains minerals and botanicals, like sweet almond oil, honey, rose hip oil and panthenol.

This system is perfect for anyone who has frizzy, naturally curly, transitioning or processed hair and the results will last for up to 12 weeks. It is ideal for any hair texture and because it is chemical free, it can also be styled in any way you see fit — you can wear it straight one day, curly the next, and still have strong, manageable hair.

Our clients were demanding a chemical-free strengthening treatment that worked as well — or better — than the standard fare. We listened, and we found the Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System is the perfect option for our clients. You demanded the best and we have delivered! We invite everyone who is interested in trying a strengthening therapy system to make an appointment today to give this new system a try. We are confident you will love the results!

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner

A Brand New Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa



Hello, and welcome to our brand new, completely redesigned Website! I want to personally welcome you, and invite you to browse the site and see all of our new features, sections and information. We worked hard to create a new experience that mirrors what you will experience when you come into our salon – a place where you can get everything you need to be the best you possibly can be.

A new feature that I think you’ll want to check out is our Services section. There, you will find a list of everything we offer, from haircuts, to chemical treatments, to massages, to facials, and everything in between. We are a multicultural salon, and as you can see, there is no service that we don’t offer! If you need something and don’t see it on the list, or if you have questions, I invite you to call us any time – we would be happy to discuss any combination of services with you.

In our new Team section, you can find information about everyone who works at our salon, to get a better idea of who we are, and what you can expect. We are currently hiring to expand our team, so you’ll also find a place to submit your information if you’re interested in joining the team. On our Contact page, you’ll find our hours of operation, as well as a form to request appointments, either during those hours, or outside of them, by request. Once you submit a form, someone from the salon will be in touch to verify the services you’re interested in, as well as the time and day.

Another section I am very excited about is our new and improved Customer Spotlight. You can view pictures and stories in our gallery, and every month we’ll choose one to highlight here on the blog. If you’re interested in being featured, just let us know when you come in, and we’ll take a few pictures and have you share your story!

There is plenty more here, and I hope you take the time to visit the rest of the site, and see all the improvements we’ve made. I am looking forward to sharing more stories with you here, and I would love to hear from you. So, welcome to the new Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa website!

Dare to look your best, every day! — Gloria Washington-Mines, Owner